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Everything was amazing..the food was delicious, tray portions perfect and a lot of the guests were asking where the food came from. This was my first time in charge of a company event and you were a big part of it being a success so thank you so much!

 Zack Z


Everything was great! Our scouts loved the food and everybody was very happy with it! Thank you, I will definitely reach out to you again in the future if we are looking to do another catering order! 

Michael A


Everything was great! Employees raved about the food. Yes, please send over some other menus and photos of food you have done in the past.


Teresa K


Superb!! Absolutely delicious and addictive. Way better than those overpriced burger places all over. This is real smoked meats. Burnt End Mac is the greatest. Essentially a must have there and they have a great chicken sandwich too. Everything I've had is amazing.

Michael L


Amazing quality amazing food top-tier establishment.

Angelo F


Skip the ketchup, dip your fries in their home made sauces. The food is **insane** good.. BBQ, brisket, ribs, mac and cheese, the crinkle cut fries my mom used to make us, all amazing. Burger cooked to order. Meats must be smoked for hours, of course. Pricing is on point. The sauces are a perfect; mixes of 10+ spices that just work. See my photo for the saucey goodness visible on fries. You must go hear if you are a ribs person. Every table has a paper towel roll so you can chow down with the drippings and goodness that even God would approve!

Hazo D


I'm so happy we stumbled across this place to eat lunch. It smells so good when you walk in, vibes are cool. I loved the music they were playing. I got the crispy chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. Their chicken was SUPER juicy I was not expecting it to be like that, I wish I had more or it. Skin was extra crispy the way I like it and the seasoning was great. Will definitely be coming back again to try more of their food. 

Sheila Y


I popped into Embark during my lunch break after a friend of mine tagged me on their profile on IG. Shoutout to them because this is going to be my fave new lunch spot! I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with the original BBQ sauce & a side of their Mac & Cheese. Everything was seasoned to perfection & just had amazing flavor. The restaurant itself was spotless & the employees were very nice. Overall just a great vibe!

The pulled pork wasn't completely shredded like they do in other BBQ spots, it was juicy & had nice large chunks which is how I like it! It was topped with their OG BBQ sauce & it had a great balance of sweet & tangy. Def get their Mac & Cheese, it has a nice breadcrumb topping & tastes delicious. I love the herb & garlic flavor. 

Can't wait to try everything else on the menu!

Val C


One of the best spots to eat in Boonton. Exactly what this town needed. Quality burgers, pulled pork.. brisket, etc. Great crispy fries. Can't wait to try more from their menu. 

Bryan V


Hey, Happy new year! Everything was awesome! Hopefully we got you some new customers!

Brian H


Man! I am so happy to have a good burger joint in town!

Had the Embark burger and an order of fries. The burger looks like an advertisement, right out of the box! And it tastes as good as it looks. Bravo! Fries are crunchy, and they don't skimp on the portion. 


Look forward to having more

James H 


Stopped in Embark for a late lunch today. I saw the smoked chicken wings on their social media and had to try them. Got them with their homemade barbecue sauce and a side of fries. The fries are your run of the mill crinkle cut, but they were hot and well seasoned. I was BLOWN AWAY by the wings: smoky, juicy, flavorful, all the good adjectives. I will definitely be back to try the burger and the rest of the menu!

Daniel E


I booked with Embark to cater for a company Christmas event a few days ago and everything was amazing!! The food was ready for pickup at the scheduled time and each tray was packaged nicely for transport. The food was absolutely delicious and many of the guests asked me where the food came from. Everything from the meats to the sides and sauces were delicious. Jasmine, the owner, was also great and very helpful when it came suggestions, portions, and scheduling for the event. I'm very happy with my experience and can't wait to go back on my own and order lunch for just myself. Thanks again!!

Zachary Z


Went for lunch with my husband we shared brisket mac and cheese, pork belly burger, sweet potato fries Everything was amazing! Place is also very nice looking and clean. Will definitely be back!!

Danielle S


I have tried this place a few times now since they have opened and everything is legit amazing. The brisket is some of the softest, most melt in your mouth brisket you can get. The burgers are delish and have this perfect char on them. The wings are delicious. Pulled pork was so nice and not dry at all. The BBQ sauces are all great. The cheese sauce for the cheese fries is one of the best cheese sauces ive had. I recommend it on the side. Overall, this is the best new addition to the Boonton shops and I cannot recommend it enough. Start with the brisket and go from there.

Paul F


My family went here today and it was delicious meat! We did take out so it was a bit cold when we got home but the flavor was everything!!! The chilli was more soupy than thicker but tasted so good amd to me tasted like a taco soup! The brisket was good but better with a sauce. The pulled pork fries were delicious! The Mac was good as well! We loved the cornbread! We will def be back to eat in person! Highly recommend! 

Emma R


Jasmine, I cannot thank you enough for the delicious food on Sunday. The toughest part was deciding what we liked best. The beans were an excellent addition. Thank you so much for that. Is there a specific place where you would like us to write a review? 

Let us know, and thanks again.

Pier M